Recommended gyms for short stay tourist in Pattaya

If you stay in Pattaya in short holiday and want to visit gym and fitness center, I recommend “Fitness 7′ at first.
The gym is located at Avenue of second road, so it is really convenient to visit. The gym has just opened in 2016, and the machine variety and conditions are no problem. Staffs quality is also good.
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The second choice is “Universe gym”.
The gym is located in Pattaya Klang (Central) Road, close to Pattaya Harbor mall and Sukhumvit Road, so if you stay in central area of Pattaya, it might be a bit inconvenient. But the gym quality is also good and just renewal opened in 2016, and the short visit price is much cheaper than Fitness 7. As I mentioned here, this gym might be best choice for long stayer in Pattaya.
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If you stay in Dark side of Pattaya, “Castra gym” is the best choice for you.
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